It Could Have Happened Here

It Could Have HappenedĀ Here is an ongoing project where I find crimes that have occurred in the Phoenix, Arizona area; Research them, Photograph the places they have occurred at, and then create a narrative with those photos along with archival photos and others I find. This lets me explore time, place, narrative, and the relationship […]

Observer First

It started in Brazil, as I watched my sister dance salsa. There were no traces of Portuguese; just pure eye-contact, body cues, and a different type of connection between Astrid and the Carioca. I wish someone would have taken my picture in that moment, 6 years ago, when I was captivated by the communication between […]


In collaboration with Jen Kitson These artifacts were found in the Coronado Historic Neighborhood, a central Phoenix community located between 7th Street, Thomas Road, and both the State Route-51 and Interstate-10 freeways. Although considered a relatively young city, Phoenix has a legendary pre-historic legacy. Believed to have originated around the beginning of the Common Era […]