I first met Sally at a yogurt shop. Inside, she divulged to me some of the most personal and painful periods of her life. I listened to her recall memories of poverty, a drug infested culture, years of neglect and maltreatment, multiple “father figures,” and repeated physical assaults against her. She told me about the […]


Contributors: Scott Warren & Jason Roehner You just can’t carry enough water for a Summer crossing of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. Based on his first-hand experience, journalist John Annerino estimated that a person needs anywhere from 2-5 gallons of water per day to replenish that lost to the relentless sun. For thousands of undocumented migrants the […]


The thing in-itself is transcended by perception whether the “thing” is photography, space, or realties. I am interested in photographing spaces into becoming something more than description. I use the Phoenix area as a place to explore the ideas of transcendence in order to create an environment outside of literal space.


The landscape in and around Ajo, Arizona provides a valuable lens with which to examine the way people and place interact. Ajo’s geography dictates its industries. With the closure of the mine, Ajo’s main sources of income have become border patrol and retirees. Ubiquitous green and white SUVs patrol for desperate migrants in the same […]


Tuesday night, and every motel in this isolated desert place was fully booked. I drove down the strip, to La Siesta, the Copper Sands, and the ambitiously named Marine, 200 miles from the nearest sight of water, in Rocky Point, Mexico. All were flashing No Vacancy. At the Copper Sands, Ken felt sorry for me. […]


I grew up on the U.S. Mexico border, and my family and I have used a shuttle service since I was as child to migrate through the landscape to and from larger metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles and Phoenix. When I think about my earliest memories on the shuttle bus, I see my mother […]