It Could Have Happened Here

It Could Have Happened Here is an ongoing project where I find crimes that have occurred in the Phoenix, Arizona area; Research them, Photograph the places they have occurred at, and then create a narrative with those photos along with archival photos and others I find. This lets me explore time, place, narrative, and the relationship between all three. I do this to have a cathartic moment of finding and connecting information, creating a sensation of making a personal narrative out of historic events. This set of photos are of the murder of Joyce Sterrenberg and Tim McKillop in 1962; whose bodies where found off a dirt road in Scottsdale. There wasn’t a clear suspect until 12 years later when Bill Macumbers become the prime suspect and eventually went to jail for the crime. Over time the legitimacy of the evidence used against him came into question and later he was able to appeal his life sentence. These photos depict the crime scene as they are today, often with no trace of the crime that was committed. The photographs will function as signposts for invisible histories put through a diaristic method.





Alfonso Fonseca

About Alfonso Fonseca

Alfonso Fonseca is a photographer, filmmaker, and graphic designer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Born in the Coachella Valley, his work has centered around the investigation of place. From the mundaneness of a subject to the more complex connection of a place and its past. He is currently studying for his BFA in Fine Arts at Arizona State University.


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