I first met Sally at a yogurt shop. Inside, she divulged to me some of the most personal and painful periods of her life.

I listened to her recall memories of poverty, a drug infested culture, years of neglect and maltreatment, multiple “father figures,” and repeated physical assaults against her. She told me about the times her mother left home, the drug deals she witnessed, and the times she woke to the sound of an armed man stomping on her roof.

It seems apparent that she had an abusive life, but this was not always so black and white. This was her life. It was her ‘normal.’ It was all that she knew.

To paint a fuller picture, she gave me snapshots from her childhood. I curated these images and have displayed them in conjunction with my own images. Together, the photographs represent Sally’s experiences with abuse filtered through my own perspective and journey as I came to know her.

Haylee Schiavo

About Haylee Schiavo

Haylee Schiavo was born and raised in the beautiful rolling hills of Southern California. At the age of twelve, her family relocated to Colorado. Missing California's perfect weather, Haylee decided to explore a hotter climate by moving to Arizona and pursuing her passion in photography. Four years later, she graduated from Barrett the Honors College at Arizona State University, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and a Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development. These disciplines combine her unfading interest in complex societal issues. Ultimately, her goal is to become a Marriage and Family Therapist while utilizing photography as a tool to address specific topics within the psychological world.