Earth Consuming / Light Embracing

There is a deep connection I feel to the earth.

I come from the earth. The earth embraces me when I die. Once part of the earth I will become new life and grow new roots. I long to be part of this cycle. I want to feel the earth consuming me and light embracing me.

In this work I use light as my material, physically projecting myself onto the earth. I fog film, projecting my inner desires onto the very thing I desire, nature. The light I use to fog the film becomes a veil; a veil between life and death, a veil between the physical form and the land.

I use precious materials to emulate the fragility of life – kozo paper, gold and silver leaf. In the form of a scroll book form, these materials will break down over time, decomposing as our bodies will decompose into the earth. The metal leaf rubs off onto the images each time it is looked at, giving it a limited life span.

Making becomes a ritual for me. I am delicate with it, as the absorption I so crave is a gentle one, part of the circle of life, becoming what I was always meant to be.

Julia C. Martin

About Julia C. Martin

Julia C. Martin's work examines the fragility of life and the relationship of the human form and the landscape. She primarily shoots film and uses materiality as a large part of her practice. Julia is from Golden, Colorado and received her Bachelor of Arts in Photography from Montana State University. She has since worked at reputable institutions such as the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and Aperture. Julia is currently pursuing her MFA at Arizona State University.