The canal network that flows through Phoenix, the basis for the metropolis itself, offers the city a chance to sustain green neighborhoods in the interior of the city, agriculture at its periphery and perhaps a place for public life and space in the future. Looking back, the canal banks, lined by Cottonwood trees, were places where Phoenix residents sought out recreation and interaction.
Today, Phoenix imagines how to recapture what has been forgotten canalside. In this project, looking from multiple vantages along the Arizona Canal, we wondered where growth, development and potential for future canal use intersected. The site we continued to return to is along the border of Scottsdale and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC). Bounded by Pima Road and the Pima 101 Freeway, the canal is located inside of an area zoned for Commercial Mixed Use and is transforming rapidly.
This project seeks to visually record the SRPMIC canal site as development accelerates, to examine change over time and to record this process along the waterway, taking visual cues from past projects along the Arizona Canal.

Katie Belous

About Katie Belous

Katie Belous is a native Phoenician and a student of urban planning at Arizona State University. Her primary area of concentration is community development, and she is interested in the creation processes and performance of public space within the greater Phoenix area.



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