Robin Sendele

Robin Sendele likes to think of herself as three different people. There is the crazy fun party girl Robin, the deep-thinking fine art photographer Robin, and the travel blogger-type Robin. She expresses these different sides of herself in social media and photographic project aspects as a representations, rather than extensions, of her personality. With her degree in Art Photography, she has acquired the techniques and skills required to connect the interests of her viewers to the interests of her subject in question. Although there are various contradicting sides of Robin, she finds that community is the largest influencing factor that brings them all together. Her motivation and progression in life seems to be one large collaborative effort that ranges all the way from friends and family to masses like the internet. She is confident in her talents and that the way she traces and translates the world is one that others can connect and interact with in a different, but positive and thought provoking light.


The Pink Panther, The Plex, Hotel California, Gains Palace, The Fortress, Frat Castle, The Frateau, The Gent, The Empire, The Igloo. These are the names given to the houses that now hold the proud members of Arizona State University‚Äôs Fraternities. They reside in places like master-leased apartment complexes, a former motel, and multiple houses that […]