Lara Shipley

Lara Shipley received her bachelors in photojournalism from the University of Missouri and is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Photography at Arizona State University. Before coming to graduate school she was a photography producer for National Geographic Online and a freelance photographer in Washington D.C. She has been published in a wide array of publications such as the Miami Herald, Mother Jones, the Atlantic Monthly online and the Washington Post. She is from a small town in Missouri and likes this quote from Jane Smiley: "Missouri is a place I could not have imagined if I hadn't been forced to."


Tuesday night, and every motel in this isolated desert place was fully booked. I drove down the strip, to La Siesta, the Copper Sands, and the ambitiously named Marine, 200 miles from the nearest sight of water, in Rocky Point, Mexico. All were flashing No Vacancy. At the Copper Sands, Ken felt sorry for me. […]