Elizabeth Pineda

Originally from Mexico City, Elizabeth Z. Pineda is a photography student and emerging artist. Utilizing historical photographic processes such as silver gelatin, cyanotype, and platinum palladium, Elizabeth’s work resides in the intersection of time and memory and focuses on identity, loss, and controversial issues, giving voice to those who often exist in society's shadow. Elizabeth receives her BFA in Photography from ASU, May 2019.

A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home Buried between the high-rises of downtown Phoenix, its Capitol, and freeway system, lies a neighborhood caught in a vortex of time. Immigrants make up a majority of the residents taking up residence in homes that time forgot. Local family owned businesses, mainly mechanic shops, used tire shops, and barber shops […]

The Journey

My paternal great-grandparents, who were legal U.S. residents, emigrated back to their native México during the Great Depression. Their son, my Abuelo (grandfather) who was born in San Antonio, became a U.S. immigrant to México at seventeen. Time passed and fate would again intervene when my father, a chronic asthmatic learned of a place where he could live […]