Contributors: Scott Warren & Jason Roehner

You just can’t carry enough water for a Summer crossing of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. Based on his first-hand experience, journalist John Annerino estimated that a person needs anywhere from 2-5 gallons of water per day to replenish that lost to the relentless sun. For thousands of undocumented migrants the journey across the U.S.-Mexico border happens here, during the punishing Summer months. Two thousand have died, many more have been deported, and countless others make it to Phoenix and other cities where they blend into everyday life. Their belongings lie scattered across the western desert.



Scott Warren

About Scott Warren

Scott Warren explores the increasing pressure on land and life in southern Arizona as a result of the hardening of the U.S.-Mexico border. Scott is a historical geographer having completed his B.S. and M.S. degrees in geography at the University of Nevada and Montana State University, respectively. He is pursuing the PhD at Arizona State University, and his interests in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands stem from personal and academic pursuits that have taken him throughout the American West and Latin America.