Stars Get in Your Eyes

When talking about beauty culture, the make-up product is always an indispensable topic of it. When it comes to make-up products, I normally will associate them with plenty of overwhelming commercials and multifarious commodity displays. Especially, the numerous eye-shadows palettes, lipsticks, and foundations those famous Internet influencers are recommending. Taking an overall view of this industry, it impresses me as a vast, luminous man-made dream. Just like looking into a kaleidoscope, girls immersed themselves in some sort of unreality created by merchants or any other vested interest groups.

In this project, I’m using different digital compositing approaches, trying to interpret this fabulous and magnificent dream of cosmetic consumption. Interestingly, It does show some similarities among those cosmetic designs and displays through viewing the pattern produced by them. Then, what is the real desire behind the mass consumption behavior and the obsession of beauty? I’m still looking for the answer.


167 thoughts on “Stars Get in Your Eyes

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