You Went, To Become

Home differs for every individual. However, each family bases the construction of a home on a foundation of care and love for one another. In this way, our homes have more commonality than differences despite their varying residents and physical separation.

The images that comprise this body of work are from two families who have never met one another. Their connection stems from an unintended encounter, yet their kinship reveals itself through family photographs which preserve moments of celebration and reception in the home. Through these images, we become aware of how intimacy and tenderness manifest to unveil the universality of the familial experience. At the same time, these photographs catalyze the viewer to consider their construction of the home and to question the duality of belonging and separation.

Brandon Ng

About Brandon Ng

Brandon Ng is an artist born and raised on the island of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi. His photographic and installation works focus on the complexities of identity distilled through historical, social, and political systems. He is currently an MFA candidate at Arizona State University with a projection to graduate in 2020.


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