An Indexing of Industry in Canyon State

First coined in a 1939 issue of Arizona Highways, “The Five C’s”, defined by copper, cattle, cotton, citrus, and climate have played an integral role in the shaping of the social and physical landscape of the Valentine State. With the aid of these industries driving the economy during its settlement, the five C’s as a memory device was introduced into curriculum of Jr High level State History courses in the 1970’s and the legacy lives on in classrooms across the valley today.

Indexing of Industry, investigates Arizona’s relationship to these natural resources today, highlighting the transformative nature of each industry in towns with economies historically dependent on these resources as well as how they intersect with the social aspects of daily life in Arizona, mythology of the American west, and the volatile relationship to water each of these “C’s” share.

Jake Hines

About Jake Hines

I am a photographer born and raised in Phoenix and currently living in Tempe. As a 3rd generation Arizonian, I make site-specific long term projects in the state that deal with the intersection of landscape, identity, and memory. Following the vein of a photographic lineage in the lyrical documentary mode, I seek out approaches to update this tradition by means of fiction and mixed media.


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