Picos del Desierto

The American Desert Southwest is like no other place I have known. The quintessence of all that is Sublime, it is a land that since the summer of 2017 has and continues to shape my understanding of existence as significantly as the many forces that continue to shape its own existential manifestations. Being that we live in the relatively early stages of the Anthropocenic epoch I feel an importance to share through my intuitive photographic practice an experiential depiction of the landscape of the Anthropocene. A depiction that does not point fingers or place blame, but rather alludes through metaphor and poeticism towards a sense of hope, while understanding its inseparable relationship to despair. Visualizing, through my own experience in one of the most climate vulnerable regions on earth, an optimism that not all is yet lost and that we as humans existing at the relative brink of many contemporary scientific understandings of our planet still have tactile, non-ideological reasons for considering change regardless of our many opinions of what or who has brought us here.


Matthew Jessie

About Matthew Jessie

Matthew Jessie is a large format photographer from the small town of Rogersville, Tennessee. He received a BFA in Studio Art from East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee, but now lives in Tempe, Arizona where he is pursuing an MFA in Studio Art at Arizona State University. Matthew's work has been featured by publications including Oxford American's: Eyes On The South, Ain't-Bad Magazine, The Heavy Collective, Palm* Studios, and others.

Website: http://www.matthewjessie.photography