Found Connections

Craigslist is an interesting microcosm of humanity. On the same site that you can buy a lawnmower one can profess the loss of an opportunity, a Missed Connection. These fleeting posts only last for forty-five days before being purged from the system. Even more quickly than that they get buried as more posts are added everyday. There exists a special subset of these missed connections, interspersed with the normal ones are some that are a little different. Rather than being extollations to a stranger they are directed toward individuals. With their attached maps I went to locations all over the valley. Places that had no significance to me but were imbued with such meaning that someone felt the need to not only post their feelings but also share their location.

Kidist Abate

About Kidist Abate

Kit Abate was born into the fog of the northern California Bay Area. Shortly thereafter she moved to the radiant Valley of the Sun. In accordance with her passionate pursuit of the visual arts Kit received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from Arizona State University. She is interested in the division between the public persona and the private self. Kit currently lives, works, and sits on her roof in Tempe Arizona.