Close Loop is at the outskirts of an a dusty industrial campus called Westgate, about 10 minutes west of downtown Phoenix, right off the I 10 as you drive towards LA. Closed Loop Recycling is a site like many others: a big cavernous nondescript hangar surrounded by chain link fence enclosing a large yard. It is flanked on one side by a busy road where trucks speed menacingly, by another industrial site on one side, and by train tracks on the other two sides.
What makes it memorable, are the mountains of broken glass that glimmers beautifully in the sun. It looks like a treasure from far away, and for some, as the story will tell, it just might be.

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Act One
Act Two
Act Three


Bogdana Manole

About Bogdana Manole

Bogdana M. Manole is currently completing the PhD in Environmental Social Science Program at Arizona State University. Her research is centered on questions of water distribution and hydraulic fracturing methods of oil extraction in Kern County, California. She also holds a Master degree in Cultural Studies from University of Washington, where she researched indigenous recognition and sovereignty through the lens of political economy. She is a member of Cultural Studies Association, Association of American Geographers and Decision Center for a Desert City. She is involved in a number of research projects centered on questions of environmental justice, circulation of capital and access to water. I define the artistic interpretation of my academic work as an environmental manifesto which shows how the reality of environmental and human injustice originates in the application of capitalism. Throughout my work I unveil the spaces of environmental degradation created by the political-economic system of capitalism that advocates relentless accumulation and profits. As social scientist, I have the (very definite revolutionary) task show how each one of us is part of the problem and the solution. What can we do to curb the environmental pollution? Although economic development is still at the heart of the American capitalistic economy, I advocate for a mindful production and consumption of goods. Why should we care? Pollution leaks in the water, it floats in the air. It is in our bodies.